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About Ellen Zucker

Ellen Zucker is a double Pisces -- which means her sun and moon fall under the sign of creativity and mystery. But with Taurus rising, she's also a strong, down-to-earth businesswoman.

And, like her astrological chart, Ellen offers her clients a unique combination of strengths.

Ellen's a true professional. Unlike many entertainers, Ellen studied for over 20 years to perfect the gifts she shares with her clients.

Ellen has taken drawing classes at the Art Students' League in New York and graphic design classes at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. She's been a member of the Graphic Artists Guild and the National Caricaturists Network.

And she's not just a casual astrology hobbyist or an actor. Ellen is a card-carrying member of organizations like National Council for Geocosmic Research, International Society for Astrological Networking, and Organization for Professional Astrology and has been interviewed on radio.

Ellen opened her business in 1995. Since then, she's performed at over one thousand parties, events, meetings and conventions. She's worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from auto dealerships to hospitals to mortgage companies -- even some universities, banks, insurance companies and stockbrokers. And she's worked with families ranging from three-generation Christmas parties to sleepovers for ten-year-olds. "I am at home with any audience, anywhere," she says today.

Ellen holds a social science degree from Hofstra University, Long Island, New York. She considered law school but decided instead to move directly to the business world. As a young job seeker, she found herself working in an arcane area of finance -- the reinsurance industry. "I got the job because I knew what reinsurance was," she says now. "I looked it up in the library the night before the interview."

After 18 years of success (and steady promotions) in the corporate world, Ellen redirected her business skills to combine entrepreneurship with her passion for art. Her caricaturing business grew rapidly as party planners recognized her unique talents: she not only drew, but also made the guests feel warm and comfortable.

Ellen added intuitive readings in 2002. "I use tarot and astrology," she says, "but I like to think of myself more as a guide to help people read their own inner wisdom -- more like an intuition coach."

Now Ellen stays busy all year round. When she's not creating memorable events for clients, she raises flowers and vegetables in her garden, participates in voter registration drives and goes scuba diving all over the world. She lives in Philadelphia with her cat, Champagne.

No, the cat's not a familiar. Just a tough orange tabby "who saw me as his ticket out of an SPCA cage."

Now that you've learned about Ellen, here's how to contact us to discuss how we might work together.

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