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Live Caricature Samples

These samples are drawings of live subjects. They reflect the portrait caricature style I use at parties and special events. In fact, most are sketches created on-the-spot at actual parties and events.

I like to work on tan bristol cover stock using a combination of colored pencils and chalks.

Party sketches are drawn quickly - in as little as five minutes per person.


I drew the subjects below at an outdoor high school graduation party.
Although most of my caricature subjects are human, there is the occasional canine - who is family, too.


Drawing caricatures of dogs present the same challenge as drawing caricatures most two year old children. Both tend to move around a lot.

Black & White is the way to go when you want me to draw the maximum number of people in a given time period.
This caricature portrait took less than five minutes to draw - and I even included her highlights.


It takes less than 5 minutes to create a B&W caricature portrait with shading, 5-7 minutes in color.

Steve F.

Many guests like to drawn as a couple.

Zoey and Cooper

Actually these are two special beagles belonging to Kim Basile who hosted a bachelorette party.

Families love to be drawn together.

This on-the-spot drawing was created at the Jackson family reunion.The entire drawing took 30 minutes to complete.

The Jackson 6

"Great Job! Ellen keeps in "touch" with her audience. Helping the hostess to keep the party going smoothly."
---The Jackson Family, Voorhees, NJ

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