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Our Clients

We primarily work with two types of clients.

Some clients want to create memories of their personal milestones (like reunions, anniversaries and birthdays). Others honor their family heritage (Bar Mitzvahs and First Communion celebrations).

Other clients create events to build lasting business relationships.

They might host trade shows to meet new clients in the Philadelphia area. They may want to develop relationships with their own employees through Christmas parties, picnics or employee appreciation days. They may host special events to foster client development, recognize key accounts or honor their franchisees.

What these clients have in common: They want to create memories that participants will keep long after the event has ended. They want everyone who attends to feel special, appreciated -- and remembered.

Many of our clients book our services year after year. We become part of their lives as we watch them grow. Our longest running client, St. Mark's Church, has booked us for parish picnics every year since 1997.

Our clients bring scenarios like these:

  • "We're coming to a convention in Philadelphia and we want to host a special event for our customers in the area -- something to make them remember us in a positive way."

  • "We want our son's Bar Mitzvah to be special. Relatives are flying from all over the world and we may never see them again, so we want to create real memories."

  • "Our employees work really hard all year. We want to give them a Christmas party with entertainment for families, too."

  • "Our clients are tired of the same old drinks-and-speeches parties everybody gives. We want to work with an entertainer who's fun but who can relate to our professional clients."
  • "Our staff works under stress. For our employee picnic, we want to make everyone leave with a smile and happy memories."

  • "We need to break the ice at our first family reunion ever -- and we want to create souvenirs for everyone to take home."

"The caricature drawings were awesome. The kids loved them! Your interaction with my guests was great. You made everyone very comfortable."
-- Tara Better, Glenside, PA

Clients are likely to enjoy working with us if they...

  • see us as partners with one common goal: to create a successful, memorable event.
  • recognize that "fun" parties are created by professionalism and lots of behind-the-scenes planning.
  • enjoy experimenting with new ideas and new types of entertainment.

  • provide a setting to showcase our entertainment services (a table, chairs and electrical outlet -- away from bands and DJs).
  • schedule realistic start and end times for their events.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.

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